Mojo Fluff
(aka Michael Grasel)
B.J. Fluff
(aka Bec Lyon)
vocals & guitar
Padre Cleatus Fluff
(aka Chris Wiley)
guitar, backup vocals, spiritual advice
Euchrid Fluff
(aka Anthony Newman)
bass guitar

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Fluffy's style is hard to describe... All members hail from heavy alternative punk funk stoner backgrounds but they infuse their music with country, hillbilly, surf & swamp... with shuffle, classic rock and a bit of doo-wop thrown in!

It all began in late 2009 when Toxic Shock took a break and Bec kept playin' geetar in her loungeroom, writing tunes to purge her sins. Along came Michael (Meat Tray), who dutifully and faithfully inflected these purgings with his rhythmical accentuations. Meanwhile, Tony (Squid Jag) had spent many hours encouraging and indulging in the same purge-a-thon. Chris (Fear And Loathing) was eventually roped in after years of "We must collaborate on something" discussions over a beer, or at the local Foodland.

Finally in May 2010, the four of them went to Jay's practice rooms to make some noise but they were missing a bass player. Bec had secretly hoped that her favourite, Hermann (Fear And Loathing), may be interested - although she didn't like her chances... He graciously helped out at the next practice and they became one very dysfunctional but happy family.


FLUFFY 's original line-up with Tony Rogo on guitar

By October, Bec had penned enough songs for a set, so they started recording and played their secret live debut the following month to a stunned audience. A four song Demo CD was released in December and shot to #1 on the 3D Radio Top 20+1, hovering in the top 10 well into the new year. This secured a #13 position in the Top 101 for 2010 after only 4 weeks of airplay!

In late February 2011, they hosted the "FLUFFY FREAKSHOW" as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. A 3 day extravaganza incorporating a HUGE community celebration of our subculture and the first time Fringe Venue at the Squatter’s Arms Hotel. Starring Mr Tetanus, Dr El Suavo, The hilarious Misfits Stunt Crew, (as seen on "Australia's Got Talent"), Van cleef, LabRats, Isolation Valve, Meat Tray, Raw Spud, Billion Dollar Bum$, Fear And Loathing, Sabat Noir (tribal Belly Dancers) and Kat Black (erotic poet). This was also the launch of their their first film clip by Yvonne McAulay and the CD “Fluffy Loves You... In The BADDEST Way", which leapt into the #1 spot on 3D Radio charts again.

It was around the Ides Of March that Brother Tony felt the calling to leave his kin-folk and take his righteous guitar on some missionary work with the heathen tribe of Kamikaze.

Fluffy is planning to tour the 'FLUFFY FREAKSHOW' to Melbourne in October with Fear and Loathing as part of their 30th anniversary celebration.

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